Validating dates with comparevalidator in 2 0 Free adult cam 2 cam rooms

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Validating dates with comparevalidator in 2 0

If these limitations concern you, you can use either the to compare the value of one form field against another form field.The page in Listing 3.12 contains a meeting start date and meeting end date field.You cannot set the Control To Validate and Control To Compare properties to the ID of a control outside of the "naming container" where the validator resides.The Page, User Control and rows of Data Grids are each separate naming containers. I also discovered that I can do this with a Custom Validator, within which I simply use Date Time.

Since you are permitting the user to edit the input textbox, you should first validate each input in the text box as a valid date string by using Compare Validator.Thanks The page sent to the browser only needs to handle the one date format of the user. But Compare Validator can only one date format at one time.Your task is to identify the format of the user who is requesting the page. if the dateorder is "mdy", date format can only be mdy even if date format is ymd.I have a page with 2 usercontols (assume the id's are uc1 and uc2).In each usercontrol, there's a textbox that inputs a date.

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You must enter a short date (for example, 12/25/1966).

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