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Validating soap request

Also contacting the site and passing on the problems you've found (using subtlety) would be useful to them.If you don't have to use this service then so much the better.A Web service is a software system to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction between computational resources over a network using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages defined by the World Wide Web Consortium.Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a simple and extensible protocol by which structured and typed messages are exchanged in a decentralized, distributed network environment.Info: This example only covers the validation part and extends from our existing Produce Spring WS contract-first soap service tutorial. Endpoint Interceptor; import org.soap.server.endpoint.interceptor. We cover how to configure Spring using Java Configuration how you can validate the incoming and/or outgoing messages.

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package com.memorynotfound.server; import org.soap.server.endpoint.interceptor.

In the next section we show you how to mask or cloak this.

When you say that W3C says it's well formed, I'm not sure what you mean.

For instance the inclusion of a space in the element name To make sure a SOAP message looks exactly how it should, you should validate it against all the schemas that are referenced in that message.

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"Valid" in XML terms means "valid according to a set of XML Schemas".