Vh1 celebrity dating shows

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Vh1 celebrity dating shows

That fall, the network launched a 10-hour nostalgic romp (or, if you were a kid like me, a pop culture history lesson) through the previously unheralded decade, enlisting D-list celebrities to make extremely obvious jokes about mullets.Topics ranged from the Atari 2600, to the “Where’s the beef?But as the network’s focus shifted away from music (for the first of many times), ratings sagged.By 1994, Sykes decided the network needed a new slogan: “Music First.” , launched in 1996, was a key element of the network’s new strategy.Collectively these shows taught a younger generation that pop-obsessiveness was not just for tabloids and the entertainment shows that followed the six o’clock news.

The show emerged during a time when there was a dearth of black programming, after the plethora of ’90s black sitcoms had gone off the air but before the rise of Shonda Rhimes’s black-led hits .

Whatever you didn’t remember or own on VHS was essentially out of reach — unless it happened to be in syndication on cable.

Then suddenly, the internet allowed us to double back and reevaluate the pop culture that had come before.

” commercial, to the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan (they also occasionally discussed music).

The show was a hit, so suddenly the same talking heads also loved the ’70s, and the ’90s, and the ’80s again.

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It wasn’t so much a celebration of music videos as a celebration of our right to overanalyze music videos.

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