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ACOUSTIC PHONOGRAPHS CYLINDER MACHINES: Edison Home 2/4 minute c.1902, brass horn Puck Lyra c.1898 Edison Amberola V, c. 1916 CC-32 Chippendale Console, c.1923 PATHE SAPPHIRE PHONOGRAPHS: Pathe model X phonograph, 1920 ACOUSTIC STANDARD DISC PHONOGRAPHS: Standard Model AA, c.1905 Berliner model K, c.1905 Dulcephone (UK), green horn, 1914 Brunswick Sharon, Ultona tonearm, 1923 Columbia Grafanola cabinet model Sears Silvertone cabinet model, c. IX, 1914 HMV Model 162, c.1925 Gilbert (UK) - model not yet identified, c.

Another variation by Peter Pan is this model with the celluloid trumpet, which seldom survives as celluloid is an inherently unstable compound.

Also looking for early tape/wire recorders, video disc players, Betamax etc etc and especially 16mm or 8mm films (any subject!

)Hopefully at some point we will have time to add photos of all this years' acquisitions...

Originally, a phonograph from the Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, NJ, but it eventually became more of a generic term for any brand of phonograph.

The turntables of phonographs of that era were usually powered by wind-up springs. The grooves of the record caused the phonograph needle to vibrate and it, in turn, caused a metal diaphragm to which it was attached, to vibrate also.

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