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It’s not, contrary to what most people think, a disease.

But it is a genetic condition, with a very visible manifestation.

The white patches on his skin had started appearing when the 30-year-old was still in college. “I went into severe depression and remained in my room not wanting to meet anyone.

But finally, my dad brought me back by convincing me that there is more to life than a skin colour,” says Nahar, a resident of Rajajinagar.

Interactions and meetings among people with vitiligo take place often. Inclov, a Delhi-based matchmaking app for people with disabilities and health disorders, also has members with vitiligo.

Such dating platforms make people like me feel normal. “We have regular meet-ups for couples in different cities.

We held such an event recently in Bengaluru and Jaipur and many came forward to meet members of the opposite sex,” says Kalyani Khona, co-founder of Inclov.

You could experience all those feelings with Derma Mingle, a new online dating website that is catered to individuals with a range of different skin conditions, e.g. Imagine waking up in a year, or even six months from now, and reaching over to “The One.” Derma Mingle believes, no scratch that, they KNOW that everyone has a perfect match.

The epic romance stories of finding one’s “great love”, that we’re always told so passionately about and even finding ourself pining for, do exist and you deserve the chance to write your own great love story. To celebrate the launch of the website they will be giving a limited amount of profiles a free two-month trial.

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Dating forums Many matrimonial portals have started catering to persons with vitiligo where one can search with keywords 'white patches', 'leucoderma' and of course 'vitiligo'.

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