Wanda jesus dating

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Wanda jesus dating

In 2010, De Jesus was cast as the head of the police squad on Law & Order: Los Angeles, but the role – which had already been changed significantly before De Jesus joined – was changed again and reshot with a different actress after two episodes had been filmed. Her long time partner, but not her husband, Jimmy Smits, owns two degrees.

She together, with her partner Jimmy Smits, who is still not her husband, has a net worth of around million.The series was created by Bridget Dobson and Jerome Dobson., she won Imagen Award in the category of Best Actress in a Television Film "the Almost a Woman." The film was directed by Betty Kaplan, which was based on the autobiographical book of the same name by Puerto Rican writer Esmeralda Santiago.This movie is about a young woman named Esmeralda and her family move to New York from a rural area of Puerto Rico., she made her appearance on "All My Children" as Iris Blanco, the mayor of Pine Valley. All My Children is set in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, a fictional suburb of Philadelphia, which is modeled on the actual Philadelphia suburb of Rosemont.Stephen King's short stories "Word Processor of the Gods" and "Sorry, Right Number" were amongst them.She made her main notable role as the fourth actress to portray Santana Andrade in NBC's soap opera "Santa Barbara" from .

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At her age of 57, in front of her are many years of successful career. Wanda really does love children, but she doesn't plan to have them.