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I mean, if you're super white, I'd put up photos demonstrating how white you are, ha.

I know Suits dyes his hair blonde so that he has even greater access to girls on okcupid and such.

I'm a superwhite guy in the most Chinese part of Melbourne.

The issues are; I live a frugal and simple lifestyle (so no lambo pics yet) I'm past 25, but have no interest in marriage yet.

After talking to them they are interested in or have been to Asia. Asians have the tradition going back from a couple hundred years ago that when they traveled to Western countries for university, they would specifically want to learn about western civilisation and ideas.

That should be obvious really, but it's a shame these universities are now run by people who hate their own culture and history...

They give their Wechat ID relatively liberally, and they all use Wechat a lot.

Many non-Chinese apps may be blocked on their phone.

I'm sure there are some things I could do to improve it but I don't really do much online dating these days.I also noticed it varies from location to location. Again outside of Asia, the majority of the girls on tantan are Asian in large English speaking cities and in large numbers.Pipelining across Europe there are a few locals using it that seem to be mostly weaboo types. This is in fact very true especially for Asian students.I didn't get any numbers (girls seem SUPER conservative which surprised me given how I read an article on ROK saying they were now more liberal and westernised) so I decided to try and get them to follow me on IG. Problems: half my matches are from Chinese tourists who are already back in China when we match. It’s easy to match but very difficult to start a conversation, let alone get a date.I sent about 20 copy/paste messages with my IG name. Just cuz none of them responded and no new girls added me on IG? I have used Tantan a bit in Europe, and deleted it. And when you get a date you can meet a very conservative girl who gets traumatized when you touch her.

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But I’ve found the best way to strike a Chinese girl is to superlike a 6 or a 7 on Tinder.

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