When did ryan reynolds and sandra bullock start dating

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costar Traylor Howard, who was 10 years his senior at 32 in 1998, during the first season of the show.

This was before we really got to know Ryan Reynolds, and before he became the muscle-bound dude we know and love, thanks to the success he found in the 2000s.

In fact, they have become so adored that, since making their way to stardom, both men have racked up an impressive number of exes over the years.

Both dudes may have started out in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until later in the decade – or, in the case of Gosling, the early 2000s – that they really began to catch the hearts and eyes of women everywhere.

Ryan’s first high profile romance was yet another one that the public didn’t really see coming.

Sure, both parties were Canadian and brunette, and…well, that’s about it!

Allegedly, there might have been differing values that ultimately came between the couple, and it seemed that Ryan moved on far more quickly than his next, to his next leading lady.

Following the very public and painful split from musician Alanis Morissette, one might think that Ryan would take some time.

At the same time, actress Rachael Leigh Cook was riding a nice wave of popularity into the new millennium, thanks to the success of films like (2001).We don’t know exactly what went down between the two since it was before Ryan was very famous – and thus gives us a lack of juicy gossip – but Traylor did end up too hard up in the end.Following her split from Ryan, she ended up nabbing another bonafide hottie the following year: George Clooney!And, while Kristen may not be as famous as she once was, or topping the “Most Beautiful People” lists, she was one of the most gorgeous actresses on TV when Ryan had her!Like most of his relationships that were brief and came before he hit the big time, we don’t know a whole lot about this couple but hey, at least we have solid proof that they were once definitely an item!

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In the 1990s, though, he was still just a small-screen stud who managed to bag Traylor, who he dated for eight months!

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