When did you start dating

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I am a fairly socially active guy and it's been hard for me so understand that it's not easy no matter what you do.

I essentially just try to meet women wherever I go.

When I stopped "wanting/looking" for a gf, they started coming to me. Parties are your best bet, it's not too late to go, it's college.

Figure out a way.question from someone in a similar situation, how do you fight the insecurity that you're not having sex/future partners will be more experienced if you take a college hiatus.

Making an approach in person puts you above 80% guys.

I'm in college and I met my girlfriend through Tinder.

I'd say I'm attractive so that wasn't an issue.

Ever since my highschool sweetheart and I broke up before my sophomore year this is something I've been worried about.She got her first B ever, in calculus, and then she got her first D the next semester and I got 2 C's.I'm very much not social and for the most part of my first year I was either in my room or in the library doing work and studying.Overall, just join some organizations and spend some time in the dorm.For our group, we always hung out in a specific dorm lounge late at night. Interestingly enough, she hated me when she first met me.

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Keep in mind, I went into Tinder not expecting much, and when I right-swiped her I had already seen her around the student union and at parties and stuff. When we matched we spoke for a few days via the Tinder chat option and we eventually met up in Union and the rest is history.

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