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When do people start dating

I say that because often times you can learn enough about someone in friendship to determine it would not work romantically before entering into a dating relationship.I believe you should start dating once you can no longer determine what you need to know from the friend-zone.While I would like to say a teenager just isn’t ready to get married, the Bible doesn’t say that, so I won’t say that.Since the Bible does not give a specific age, I won’t either.

What the Bible does make clear, however, is that God wants healthy marriages to happen between two Christians (1 Corinthians 7:2, Proverbs ).

I say “ready” not in the sense that you will be the perfect spouse, but ready in the sense that you are prepared to fulfill your biblical role as a husband or wife.

If you are a male, are you ready to provide, protect, and lead your wife?

You won’t know if you do want to marry that person by just being friends. Eventually you will need to progress from friendship to learn other things about that person which you can’t know as friends. Christians should start dating once they meet someone that they like but they need to progress past friendship to learn more about him or her.

If there are things you don’t know about someone that you can learn from friendship, you should remain friends and not date. Are you generally headed in the same direction in life? All of these types of questions can be figured out in friendship.

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The Bible doesn’t directly say anything about dating.