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Who hannah montana dating

Over the course of the run of Hannah Montana, the show had crossover special episodes with three other Disney Channel shows.Which of these other Disney Channel shows did Hannah Montana NOT do a crossover with?The Disney Channel should be praised for telling the stories of trios with one male and two females: That’s So Raven, Lizzie Mc Guire – and Hannah Montana. The actor who played him also starred in the movie Monster House and the show Phineas and Ferb. In Hannah Montana, Miley owns a lot of different guitars.She’s not just one of those pop stars you see today who just auto tune all their songs and they’re in it more for the stardom and the fame than the music. She has a bunch of acoustic and electric guitars, including a pink sparkle electric acoustic Stardust Series Daisy Rock guitar, a custom built Gibson acoustic guitar, and a black strat copy that she gave a nickname. Hannah Montana was one of the most popular Disney Channel series of all time.

Two of the most central and key characters to the dynamic of Hannah Montana ended up together. In one episode of Hannah Montana, Miley comes to the realization that her life would be a lot easier and more fun if she just decided to be Hannah all the time, so while she was dating guest star Jesse Mc Cartney, she wished upon a star for it to happen and we got a glimpse into what Miley’s life would be like as a full time pop star. Which of these was NOT a consequence of Miley being Hannah all the time?She tries to get Lilly to forget college and come to Paris with her where they’ll be shooting the movie, but Oliver convinces Lilly not to go, since there’s just going to be more and more movie offers rolling in.So, after arriving in Paris, Miley remembers what’s truly important and heads back to college instead. Jackson Stewart always seemed to struggle in the dating world. However, he always managed to get dates with girls – it helps that he’s Hannah Montana’s brother.The same logic applies to the movies that they adapt for television. Hannah Montana: The Movie is one case where it did work out. But exactly what US state does Miley Stewart hail from originally?In the final season of Hannah Montana, of course there was going to be a plot point where Miley reveals herself to be the renowned pop star.

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