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Who is christina applegate dating 2016

Given the vibe and toned-down hair, we’re going with mid-nineties here.

In the ‘80s, there was a certain class that let us see more than her looks, but her personality too. The dark turquoise does something awesome to her eyes and her blushing cheeks. But then again, she may fall off her seat backward at any moment. Dare we say that Christina Applegate is the perfect epitome of the ditsy, blonde ‘80s babe? It's hard to capture a celebrity looking this innocent, mystical, and mesmerizing.

She wasn’t a biker chick, she just knew how to wear a potato sack. Because I've never seen such beautiful legs before! ” It reminds us of the purple dress she wore in Season 5, where her boyfriend, Vinnie, was told not to touch her by Al. This photoshoot with her holding the falcon also featured her with a real...live…snake!

You may say, “Who can pull off that much leather anyway? If you need inspiration on how to make anything look good, this is the woman you go to. They could spend weeks on the average woman’s legs and never come close to this beauty. The shoot was done in 1988 when was in their first season, working on promoting the show.

She passed on through to the ‘90s…’00s, and now today, she is looking just as good as she always has. These days, she’s still kickin’ with the movies and various others.

But even more than that, she’s looking good, battling health conditions, and showing us that you don’t have to lose your relevance just because you’re no longer 22.

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Not very many people can say that they are relevant every single decade, but here Christina Applegate is killing it. To honor Miss Applegate, we are showing her off with twenty-five of her best photos that focus on everything we love about her.