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Who is dating jason statham

It was a stunning debut for Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham, and two years later people saw the following premiere of their tandem result, «Snatch».

This time the leading role was fully given to Jason Statham only.

So, Jason Statham has become one of the four leading characters in the compound crime movie «Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels», full of the first-class black humor.

He had to bring together several plot lines and save his friend who passed out in the card from a deadly fate together with Jason Fleming and Dexter Fletcher.

As soon as Richie tried to give the «jewels» back, Statham became steadfast as a rock.

Here's how Statham described this casting: «Guy was looking for a genuine character, and it was me because actors can’t learn in art schools those things which he needed and which I could do».

Jason preferred water sports more, particularly diving.

Jason was offered to sell the director the fake jewelry on casting, and he coped brilliantly.

ET caught up with the action star at the film's premiere where he spoke about his family."Date night! I might faint," he joked of his exciting night out with his fiancee at the work event.

He later admitted that having a child "makes it even more difficult" to find time to get away.

The film, released in 1998, had a resounding success.

Although some critics have accused Guy Ritchie in imitation of Quentin Tarantino, yet the majority perceived the film with enthusiasm.

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