Who is dean geyer dating 2016

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Who is dean geyer dating 2016

Dean Geyer was born in Johannesburg South Africa, into a family with two sisters.Geyer immigrated to Australia when he was 15 years old, commencing his schooling in Australia by going to Melbourne High School. Caitlin Stasey has been in relationships with Dean Geyer (2010) and Sam Clark (2007 - 2009).

He was Daniel in the Landmine Goes Click which is a Georgian movie and he was reverse with reverse Spencer Locke and Sterling Knight.

He was the star in the movies such as Rehearsal where he was together with Bruce Greenwood and in Don’t Wake Mommy and also in The Sand.

He was also in the TV crime drama called Shade of Blues and it featured Jennifer Lopez. Dean Geyer was said to be among the cast of the recurring part of the fourth season for the Fox Musical Comedy drama called Glee.

He is tall and he has the stunning height of over 5 feet with 10 inches. He has good body and there is no doubt that he looks burning when he chooses to be shirtless. He has been successful in the career and this has helped him to get the amazing earning with the best net worth.

From some sources, he has a blistering net worth of 1 million dollars and this shows that he is a successful man.

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