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Or, it’s also possible that he is just a private person.In any event, life seems to be going well for Coach Spo at the moment.The Heat have dominated the NBA with 18 straight victories and his lady friend is quite easy on the eyes.Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra revealed on Wednesday that he recently got engaged to longtime girlfriend Nikki Sapp.Spoelstra and Sapp, a former Heat dancer, have been dating for more than two years.

Apparently Spoelstra has been dating Sapp for nearly two years, but the couple only recently made their relationship public.That’s because there are teams that frown upon players dating dancers or cheerleaders, though any enforcement of such a policy usually depends on a particular franchise.Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra dated former Heat dancer Nikki Sapp, with the two getting married in July 2016 and becoming parents in March 2018.Josh Richardson and his teammates have plenty of time on their hands to enjoy life off the court.One report indicates that the swingman is openly taking advantage of this period to spend time with a member of the The site also noted that Richardson and Rock had previously kept their relationship quiet.

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But it looks like he had other plans in store for us.

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