Who is gemma atkinson currently dating dating russia ukraine

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Who is gemma atkinson currently dating

The actress explained that despite the infamous ‘curse of Strictly’, both she and Gorka avoided any drama as they were both single at the time. ‘With Gorka, I had six months of getting to know him as a friend, that’s what is different,’ she explained. Gemma Atkinson told her 776,000 Instagram followers yesterday about when she seemingly had everything but “wasn’t truly happy”.The actress shared a quote from Rodolfo Eduardo, which read: “Pain that is masked will never heal.She went on: “I got it all out, changed my situation and was met with the most calm feeling I never thought was possible.“I was me again and I haven’t ever been in that situation or felt that way since.I really hope my book can help some of you not just physically, but mentally as well.”Gemma added: “I hope it makes you feel empowered, happy in yourself and the healthiest you can be!Having recently returned from a romantic sunshine holiday with Gorka, Gemma was back at work on her Key 103 breakfast show on Monday - and her co-hosts Mike Toolan and Matt Haslam were quick to grill her about her new romance.."During the show we only saw each other at weekends everyone was saying 'oh they're together' but we genuinely weren't.

The Strictly pro broke the happy news via Instagram on Saturday, revealing that the baby girl arrived on 4 July and saying: ‘She’s incredible and she certainly made an entrance, giving us all quite a fright at times. After seeing you go through all you did to bring our little girl to life has made me love and respect you even more. Gorka, 28, is a professional dancer from Bilbao, Spain.

"Someone messaged me and said ' I can't believe you've lied to us you were together all this time' but we genuinely weren't, I would never get with someone that quickly," added Gemma.

GEMMA Atkinson has seen her career soar in recent years after she stepped out on to the Strictly dance floor in 2017 and made it all the way to the final.

Gemma started: “I talk about a period whereby to everyone around me, my life was incredible.“I had my career, I was getting married and I had the big beautiful house, everything I could ever want, Right?

Except it wasn’t.”“I wasn’t truly happy,” the TV favourite continued.

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We just went for coffee and stuff on Sundays, not every Sunday, you can't get to know someone just by seeing them at weekends." She added: "It was only when the tour started that we saw each other all the time and we thought oh ok this could work, and it did, and it does so far!