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The dance is extremely graceful, with many unusual lifts and intricate moves.

The costumes were white, with Jayne wearing a white headscarf adorned with a gold coronet.

In November 2011, Torvill said, "the standard each year has gotten higher and higher, which is exciting for us – to think what we can achieve with people who have never skated or are relatively unknown to skating." Designed in Autumn 1984 for the World Professional Championships held in December 1984 (source Facing the Music: 198).

The piece was choreographed jointly between Jayne and Chris together with Graeme Murphy, Artistic Director with the Sydney Dance Company at the time.

The theme of the piece involves two people who walk past reach other in the street, notice each other, do a double take, and instantly fall in love.

The piece contains a unique move of technical balance, design, and strength, whereby Dean lifts Torvill feet-first, allowing her to take hold of his lower calf.

He then lifts his one leg back with Torvill held horizontal across his body as he completes the lift gliding forward on one leg.

She became hooked on ice skating at the age of 8 following an after-school trip to the local ice rink.

In 1971 at age 14 Torvill became the British National Pairs Champion with her then-partner Michael Hutchenson.

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However, in 1993 the International Skating Union relaxed the rules for professional skaters, allowing the pair to participate in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer where they won a bronze medal.