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Who is kacie boguskie dating

Caption: Eric Hosmer with his girlfriend, Kacie Mc Donnell.

In November 2017, the lovely couple put on an especially chic red carpet show at Gold Glove ceremonies at The Plaza in New York City.

Eric Hosmer got his education from American Heritage High School.

During the high school period, Hosmer was named with the title “Left-handed hitter with raw power” in baseball by scouts. The interesting facts about Eric Hosmer are that his haircut style is trendy that thousands of Kanas Citizens – mainly children wear the “Hos” hairdo.

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Hosmer is known by the name “Left-handed hitter with raw power” and high school top power hitter.

He has earned the titles of Gold Glove Awards four times and also, Silver Slugger Award. On deck, we’ll be looking forward to Eric Hosmer dating affair and wiki-bio including his career, stats, and net worth!

Eric Hosmer has served Kansas City Royals in MLB for six years; 2011 to 2017.

By the help of his parent, Eric was able to succeed as a baseball player.

Eric Hosmer’s real name is “Eric Jon Hosmer” but is mostly known as Eric Hosmer.

But is there someone with Eric Hosmer to share all these achievements? The 28-year-old, Eric Hosmer has won millions of hearts in MBL; but, is he able to win the heart of a special person in his life.

Talking about this proactive person dating life, Eric Hosmer has been dating a beautiful girlfriend Kacie Mc Donnell who is a sports anchor-reporter in Kansas City and a part of the Kansa City broadcast team.

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