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Now, she’s turned her story—about making it as a professional dancer and her relationships through the years—into a book, : Why did you decide to write a book?Keltie Colleen: I expected being a professional dancer to be one thing, but it turned out to be totally different.Call it a Wo Smack to the face, but unless there’s a Batmobile about to take them to Makeout Bluff overlooking the downtown lights of Gotham City, this date was forgettable. and her blog, High Kicks & High Hopes, is quite popular with the teen girls. People who do not say 'please and thank you' -- it's so easy!

You’re winning the Nashville Fantasy League and since I’m the Commissioner of said Fantasy League, and I write this blog, I can call you out on national internet. This marked her second one-on-one date of the season.

But I fell back on my love for the stage—I knew dance would never leave me.

The book follows me through three seasons as a Rockette, three rocker boyfriends and my time working in Las Vegas on Peepshow, where I fell in love with dance all over again. KC: This book is for the back-row competition dancers, like me, who never won a gold medal.

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with the headline “She’s Got It All: Keltie Colleen on booking gigs, keeping it real and dating her rock star boyfriend.” She had been dating Ryan Ross, the front man of Panic at the Disco, for three years, and the article was filled with adoring quotes from him about their relationship.

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