Who is taylor swift dating kennedy

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It's widely reported that Joe was also there and Coincidence orrrrr?Unfortunately, we can't fill you in on what specifically happened over the six months between November 2016 and May 2017 because the couple were so darn good at hiding their relationship.Taylor calls the film "phenomenal" and tells her followers to go see it.Taylor Swift managed to slip into the London premiere of Joe's move for their first official red carpet moment for Joe and Taylor, a source told The Sun the singer didn't want to distract from her boyfriend's achievements."Taylor didn't want to draw attention to herself because it was really Joe's night", the insider commented.

Secondly, her two previous boyfriends have been in their 30s and therefore older than Joe.She acquires men like she acquires Country Music Awards — and there’s no end in sight.Her man-usage and breakage clearly, and effectively, inspires her songwriting, which continues to capture the hearts and attention of everyone — no matter how ridiculous the lyrics may seem.Taylor and a whole load of squad members (Is the squad still a thing?) including Lorde, Cara Delevingne, Dakota Johnson and Martha Hunt attend a secret Kings of Leon concert in New York City.

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Also, let us know whose heart you’d like to see Taylor woo, love, and then break next!

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