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) “I love those girls for their honesty and the fact that they stood up to the plate,” says Tina. To pull it back and strip it completely naked, and make it that raw, it just made me go, ‘Oh God – that’s serious!“My whole thing to them was that this is not about me, this is about us, and I want it to be about us. ’ It was three generations of great respect, we had a really good laugh and we just had fun. I had a great time.” And secondly, Tina appears as the guest vocalist on Dannii Minogue’s electro-pop remake of “Sorrento Moon”. ’” Alongside all these celebrated Australian music figures, Tina also asked some of her favourite new talents to contribute to the “Reimagine” project.Disc One, entitled “Retrospective”, is all about the greatest hits.But on Disc Two, subtitled “Reimagine”, Tina herself barely appears.The album cover had a picture of Tiny Tina holding Little John’s hand and cuddling a teddy bear.Needless to say, generations of Australians have grown up with Tina Arena and her music ever since then.“How the other artists perceived this body of work.It was about them having the freedom to be able to do it the way they want to do it.” The results are absolutely stunning, some of Tina’s most famous songs given an entirely new life and mood. Firstly alongside Jess Mauboy and the Veronicas, reprising the powerhouse performance of “Chains” from Tina’s epic ARIA Hall of Fame induction in late 2015 (who can ever forget the performance or Tina’s acceptance speech!

Her 1994 album “Don’t Ask” remains one of the highest selling Australian albums of all time, currently certified 14 X platinum.“She’s so unassuming, an incredible music brain,” says Tina.“Max Martin (the world’s most successful songwriter) loves her. She’s flying, she’s off.” While Tina’s original version of her 1990 breakthrough dance hit “I Need Your Body” opens the “Retrospective” disc, making its first reappearance on a Tina album in 27 years, the song is given a complete reworking on “Reimagine” by young Canadian star David Thibault, who recently came to prominence via the French version of The Voice.Possibly the best known of the new artists is young Australian singer-songwriter Clare Bowen, who’s already well on her way to becoming a major star in the US with a starring role in the hit TV series Nashville.Clare totally kills her acoustic-based take on “Still Running” (from 2013’s “Reset”). “When she opens her mouth, she just pulls you in hook, line and sinker – you’re just gone.

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