Who wwe stars are dating

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Who wwe stars are dating

They are at the top of their game and are stronger than the average Joe on the street.

When your career demands you to be thrown around, beat up, and smacked down, you have to be in tip-top shape.

There are no current reports of her dating anyone new, but let’s hope this Diva finds love once more!

Nooph Al-Areebi, or WWE star Aliyah, is a professional wrestler hailing from Canada.

She had been part of the WWE roster since 2006 when she was 19, and she stayed with the company until 2012.

She won the 2011 WWE Divas Title a year prior to leaving the WWE.

Boys all over who have been fans of this Diva will be pleased to hear that she has announced her split with her ice hockey hubby.These women can kick ass without even breaking a sweat or their perfectly coiffed hair.Being hot, in control, and strong isn’t always a good thing for a woman.In 2011, she ended her marriage with first husband Riki Johnson due to physical abuse, which she revealed in her book.And in 2015, she finalized her divorce from wrestling star Bram.

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She believes an emotional relationship with the opposite sex will only pull her down… Who knows, she might change her mind in the future Sex symbol Torrie Wilson has graced the covers of many men’s magazines, appeared on Baywatch, and thrown down in the famous WWE ring.