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That honestly feels like the biggest f*** you, they could possibly give to a person trying to do better by the environment. Glad to hear you're researching more sustainable places to get your coffee though! Did I ever tell you that you guys are way too nice?

Haha I will schedule the post for tomorrow at 5pm CET instead and get cracking on something else in the meantime. It's going to be the first "new" post on the new blog! 🎉✨ Being sick sucks but having someone brave the rainy weather to bring you a smoothie and some chocolate, just because you texted them you might be coming down with a cold, sure makes it a whole lot more enjoyable!

Other reports claimed will.enjoyed a brief Romance with reality star Casey Batchelor in 2014.

As a piece of industrial design, it's also perhaps Nintendo at its strongest: sturdy, playful and with the welcoming lines of a well-loved toy, it's arguably never been bettered in the world of video games.

Including its Pocket and Color hardware revisions, Game Boy lasted for over a decade, sold almost twice as many consoles as NES, and of course, introduced the world to Pokmon.

😩❤️ Alright so, the layout is not inherently bad, just different and it IS nice that you can change the colour scheme, but I'm curious as to why they chose to make the icons bigger and list them in that order?

Regular readers will know that I have an oft-repeated mantra: never rule out Nintendo.

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The NES proved that emphatically wasn't the case, providing the foundations on which much of Nintendo still rests on today; after a soft launch in New York, the system went on to a rapturous reception when it launched nationwide in North America in 1986, accompanied by an epoch-making line-up of 17 excellent games, including the indelible Super Mario Bros.

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