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To find the year that any Winchester gun was made, you just need to know which model it is and what the serial number is (the model number and serial number are stamped on the gun itself).

The chart in this thread for serial # id show a lapse between 64 and 65 models.Yours is one of the redos and is therfore less valuable than a "pre '64." This is the easiest way to check if one's Winchester 94 is a pre-64 or a post-64: The pre-64 will have a screw head visible in the bottom of the forward end of the lower lever link; the post-64 will not. 1922 - No gun can be evaluated w/o a full description of it's factory features and the remaining % of original factory finish on wood/metal, including any known defects like rust, cracks, dents, and it's mechanical operating condition.It could be a rusted tomato stake Standard Carbine, or a -20,000 Special Order Deluxe Rifle in pristine condition - you didn't say. "Very good condition" is too nebulous a term to assign a value to a firearm. Thanks There are no SN records for the Model 94AE, since the Winchester records were turned over to BATF with the closing of the Winchester plant in New Haven, CT in 2006, and they aren't talkin'.You can find out the year for your specific model by visiting a gun dealer and taking the gun with you. In order to answer your question,a serial number will need to be supplied.With what you have provided,there is no way of dating your Winchester model 1894 rifle.

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