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Posted by / 21-Mar-2020 09:50

Windows reverse dns not updating

I will forward your tips to our system administrators and hope they NOW are able to solve our problem... Kind regards, Tobias Olofsson ONLY if you don't use "Update Credentials" (a regulary user account with non-expiring password).

Update Credentials are set to the same account on all (competing) DHCP servers so that the secure updates will not conflict.

Am I missing a something that would be stopping this from populating? When I get a change to dig around on my servers today, I will give you an update.

It isn't the end of the world, because I can just delete the records manually and run ipconfig /registerdns. DHCP and DNS are installed on our 2x Server 2012 R2 domain controllers (2012 R2 PDC and 2019 DC..issue has been experienced for years when they were both on 2012 R2).Oh and be sure to restart the DNS service on your DCs to make sure it reloads itself properly and starts populating the addresses.Interesting, not only am I missing the reverse zones (unless I manually create something in a forward zone and create the associated PTR record) but I am also missing my exchange records, even the A record in the forward zone.This is NOT a criticism or a complaint just a tip for you to obtain better help."Saibot75" If "Secure only Updates" are being used (they should be) the DHCP server might not be authenticating, or it might not be using the correct DNS server set (ONLY), or it might not be a member of the DNSUpdate Proxy groups, or better be using the correct DNS Update credentials with a valid and current password.

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And if you've enabled secure updates only, then you need to upload the keytab file to the DHCP server if it's a BIND based appliance.

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