World of warcraft is the future of online dating

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World of warcraft is the future of online dating

This should settle once the initial rush to play calms down, but Blizzard has already moved quickly to open more servers to alleviate the strain.

The sheer number of people playing (estimated to be upwards of 2 million) has lead to some funny, heart-warming community events taking place in the game too.

So, what is, or isn’t, a bug in World of Warcraft Classic?

While the current World of Warcraft game has undeniably seen a ton of improvements built into it over the years, it hasn’t stopped some from feeling nostalgic about these earlier days of the game.From minimap quest markers to player-balancing attack distances, World of Warcraft has received innumerable small quality of life improvements over the years.As the saying goes, you only miss the things you love when they’re gone – the same goes for patch fixes.“The nature of Wo W Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn't working as intended,” explains Blizzard in a post.However, it was a considerably tougher, slower game back then, encouraging team play to take on tough foes rather than pandering to today’s solo-friendly play.Playing was also more of a grind, with the less-populated lands feeling larger in comparison to today, where they are littered with quest options and easily-accessible faster traveling options.

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