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We became such dear friends, and eventually, as could be expected, one of us developed feelings for the other. My brain is very good at manipulating my heart, telling it “no, no, you really about this person and their well-being, and they care about you.” Only to come to find, that they did not. He confided in me all the things that were on his heart, and I, in turn, shared mine with him. You fall so casually and into a love that you were not made for! And I’ll tell you, I convinced myself that that was not the case.

TAKE THAT: Garry Shandling filed a 0 million lawsuit against his ex-manager; now the ex-manager's filed one against Garry--a million number charging breach of contract. ABC's reportedly considering melding 20/20 and Prime Time Live into one newsmag format, a la NBC's Dateline. They'll also confab again with Di's suddenly lucid bodyguard.

ABOUT TIME: New DNA tests have bolstered the defense of Dr.

Sam Sheppard whose claims that he was falsely accused of his wife's murder inspired The Fugitive TV show and movie.

I met men who were noble of heart, and who put my needs above theirs. That heart that I thought was a piece of garbage, and was damaged beyond repair.

I met men who showed me that truly loving another means considering their heart, and not just your own. That heart that had been crushed by the weight of false love and the expectations and imprudence that had been placed upon it.

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I wanted to be prepared for my spouse, to be able to give him my entire heart, and as long as this friendship continued, I was withholding my own heart and my own life from my spouse. It was only through conversations with Christ about what love really is, and the kind of love I really wanted, that I was able to make the change that was necessary. And with his help, it wasn’t even hard to tell this man “no, I don’t think we should hang out.” The Holy Spirit gives courage to those who are in desperate need of it.

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