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(Ps: do not ignore this message otherwise all your privacy will be totally exposed) Hi, i guess you dont know me and you´re asking yourself why you´re receiving this email, right?

I have put an malvware (virus) on a porn site (site with adult videos) and you accessed it to have some fun (you know what i mean) While you were watching the adult videos the system began to work as a RDP (Remote Desktop) with a keylogger and i had access to device screen and your camera.

After that my malvware collected all your messengers, emails and social networks contacts. i just created an double screen video (the first part is your screen record, the second part is the recording of your camera (yes, record of yourself while watching the porn video, i must admit you have a nice taste 🙂 ) I guess isnt good news, right?

But dont worry, there´s a way to fix all this mess.

If you are concerned and want to ensure you are protected in future we recommend the following: 1. Get a webcam cover & microphone blocker to prevent access 3.

Disable your microphone (if you don’t use it) using these guides: We’ve had loads of comments about this particular scam!

All i require is a Bitcoin payment of 150 USD which i think is a fair price considering the circumstances.Cybercriminals gather ‘leaked data’ such as email addresses and passwords, and they then target these victims and use this information against them.They may not target their victims immediately after the data breach, they may decide to do it months or even years later.— This message was sent to you by Feed Burner ( You received this message because someone requested a subscription to the feed, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. It would be highly beneficial to your privacy if you didn’t ignore it.I have placed a Marlware on an adult website (…P…0…r…n site) and as you visited and watched the video your device has been affected, placing a spyware on your machine.

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If i receive my payment all the material will be destroyed and you will never hear from me again.